Don't Know What To Wear for Fashion Week? Wear the Walk...

In 2015 Uber, the world’s largest taxi company owns no vehicles, Facebook the world’s most popular media owner creates no content, Alibaba, the most valuable retailer has no inventory and Airbnb the world’s largest accommodation provider owns no real estate.
— Tim Goodwin

Marketing innovator and writer Tim Goodwin made the above observation over 2 years ago, which quickly went viral, as it perfectly summarised a new global economic phenomenon and drove home how how much it affects us all.  The rise of the shared economy is something we've all contributed to in one way or another or more likely, several ways...   However, the chances are slimmer (particularly if living outside the U.S.A.) that we've partaken in the shared economy when it comes to clothing... 

Clothing rental websites are not particularly new.  Amongst the hype of IT bag culture in the 00s rose an American online company Bag Borrow or Steal, which as the name suggests, specialises in renting and selling pre-owned handbags but it paved the way for a plethora of online designer clothing rental companies on both sides of the Atlantic, boasting an array of beautiful garments and ensembles that are available to rent for special occasions.  While such companies have allowed women access to red carpet dresses and catwalk pieces from top designers at a fraction of the cost that they would have to pay to purchase them (and that's if they even managed to get the opportunity to purchase certain items that sell out before they even hit the shop floors), fashion rental newcomer Wear the Walk brings something even more exciting to the table.

Founded by the highly energetic bright young entrepreneur, Zoe Partridge, Wear the Walk's rental inventory is drawn exclusively from emerging designers and luxury brands.  While other clothing rental sites pride themselves on making established high fashion names more accessible, most of the designer brands you will find on the Wear The Walk website are perhaps only recognisable if you work in fashion as a stylist or if you are an avid reader of avant garde fashion magazines... And that is the very point.  Working with young designers and brands who might be producing in such small quantities that their creations haven't reached the stores yet, Wear The Walk opens up a range of in the know wardrobe options that was previously only available to Fashion PRs, stylists, editors and influencers...  Of course, the inventory, which includes accessories and jewellery as well as clothes, is also highly useful to Fashion PR's, editors, stylists and influencers, whose wardrobes are central to their work, professional image and social life.  Not only does Wear The Walk allow you to be seen in the newest most exciting names and unique creations from emerging designers (hello fashion week and hello Instagram!), on a practical level, it also invites you to get to know the fit and quality of pieces from new labels that you cannot yet try on in shops. 

The beauty of clothing rental is that you can have that new designer clothes feeling a lot more often without the high overheads or worry about storage.  However, if you happen to fall in love with a piece while renting it, Wear The Walk also provides the option to purchase it, often at a slightly discounted rate.  With a showroom in Hackney for fittings and flexible payment options on a subscription or pay per rental basis, Wear The Walk is one of the most impressive and interesting players in this innovative market.  Zoe has described the platform as "a revolving wardrobe" and with London Fashion Week commencing this week, there is no better time to check out the website's vibrant offering. Any accessory or garment you rent from their curation will certainly up your Instagram game at the very least!  Visit Wear The Walk here and get those hashtags ready...!