Bright Kicks for Grey Days

“Dad Sneakers” have been a rising trend over the past few seasons and show no sign of shying away from streets around the world any time soon. With distorted proportions and unapologetically awkward, the louder and more cartoonish, the better. It is unclear where the obsession originated but certainly the current nostalgia for the 90s must have a lot to do with it. This was a time when the future seemed bright and we wore shoes to match as we raced boldly towards it. It is now that future that 90s kids gazed upon with wonder and excitement from the safety of the far side of the millennium and the certainties that this generation took for granted have now dissolved into a sprawling grey area in which unimagined possibilities dance with impossibilities and groundbreaking innovations tease every day frustrations. Against the bleak backdrop of political unrest and very real environmental concerns that have clouded the time that caught up, it is no wonder we are reaching for the bright kicks of sunnier more carefree days. Clad in inflated shapes, accented with vibrant colours, we can step forward lightly and playfully, not only comfortably cushioned against the harsh grey concrete of our urban cityscapes but also, the harsh uncertainties of our times. And when your feet are in such fun shapes and colours, if the weather or the news gets you down this winter, all you’ll have to do is look down to feel up, momentarily at least.

Here are some of the coolest styles to brighten up your day and stride this winter: