What is Shophoppingmap membership?

By becoming a member of Shophoppingmap, you will gain access to Shophoppingmap's online shopping directories, a very useful resource for finding the most exciting brands, designers and shops that sell online aorund the world.

How are the stores chosen for Shophoppingmap members' shopping directories?

There is no set rule but certain standards of quality, style and website user experience are taken into account while striving to cater for today's discerning shoppers.

In the directories, you will find quality high street retailers, small artisanal labels, contemporary designers and luxury superbrands, all of whom have been deemed worthwhile online shopping destinations by our editorial team. It is important to note that the stores in the shopping directories are not sponsored links and have been chosen to be included for their offering only.

How much is the Shophoppingmap Membership Subscription?

While the directories are being redeveloped, Shophoppingmap's membership subscription is £12 per year. Payment may be made by Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover and is recurring every year unless your subscription is cancelled beforehand.

Do you offer Refunds?

We offer a 14-Day cashback guarantee. If you are not happy with your membership subscription, we will happily refund you within 14 days of your first subscription. This applies to first-time subscriptions only and beyond this 14-day window, subscriptions are non-refundable but you may cancel your subscriptiona at any time.

Do you have a directory for eco/sustainable brands?

In 2019, it is especially important to think about sustainability when we shop, whether that is considering the raw materials behind a product, where things are made and who made them, packaging and how long an item is going to last. While the Shophoppingmap directories do not point exclusively to “eco” stores and brands, these are included alongside long-established retailers who have only recently been reflecting on their practices and/or still have to raise their sustainability standards.

We don’t believe that “ethical” or "sustainable" shopping should be segregated but hope that it just becomes common practice and while the Shophoppingmap directories allow for independent discovery amongst retailers with varying degrees of sustainability standards, we hope that the directories might at least point you in the direction of finding something you love. And only buying something if you love it (not what trends or social media dictates) is one of the first keys to sustainable shopping. Although we have included a wide choice of retailers in our directories, we definitely give preference to a "less is more" approach to shopping. It is demand, after all, that dictates supply.

I have an online store and would like to be considered for a listing in your directories. Who can I contact?

We are always keen to hear from new or undiscovered brands. Please tell us about your offering by sending us an email via our contact page.

Do you ever partner with brands and stores for promotional purposes?

We only promote and partner with brands and products we love. This is done either through affiliate programmes or content collaborations. Please see our partnerships page for more information.

How do I contact you?

Please fill out the form on our contact page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.