Shophoppingmap.com is an online shopping guide, spanning several areas; women's and men's fashion, jewellery and accessories, childrenswear and homeware. Quality, style and good taste are the common denominators.

The website was set up in 2008 by Elizabeth Gaffney after finishing her studies in Fashion Design at London College of Fashion and Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication.  Sensing the impending growth in the popularity of online shopping, she envisioned a shopping portal leading to an international range of top online retailers that allowed a balance between guidance and independent discovery. 

Creating a platform reflective of a browse around the streets of any fashionable city in the real world, Shophoppingmap incorporates the same mix of prestigious designer brands and well-known highstreet global retailers, alongside niche boutiques, concept stores and specialist suppliers. The site was noted in The Good Web Guide Website of the Year Awards' longlist in 2012 and has since evolved to become a stylish edit of the best finds on the web across women's and men's fashion, homeware and lifestyle.

The old website was replaced with a new editorial format in 2018 and the new shopping guides will be coming soon. Subscribe below for updates.